"An Internet Business That Works Right Now, Even Though The World Is A Total Sh*t Show!"
Updated July 25, 2020
Smart, right?

Wanna talk to one of our students?

See some of their live projects?

You can do that here.

That's what we're really makin' here.

The websites... are just the means.

But um, back to the lecture at hand:
"I've Seen Enough... I Want In!"
Moral of the story?

Stop trading time for money.

Use our system to:

  • Travel
  • Live large
  • Get respect
  • Answer to no one
  • Work from anywhere
  • Prove your haters wrong
  • Take care of your loved ones


It's all possible... thanks to this proven internet business.

(One that I've personally been doin' for over 12 years now.)

And, along with my team, we've taught thousands of others how to do it as well.

Just went city to city - met some of 'em in person - in fact.

First, we did LA:

Then Dallas:
Next, Miami:
And finally, NYC:
Next up?

​​​​​​​A city near you.

(Yes, you can do this from anywhere.)

​​​​​​​(We have students in Canada, Australia, UK, etc.)


You don't have to attend these meetups.

But you might want to:
Either way.

Just showin' ya...

We don't just hide behind the computer.


We'd love to shake your hand...

Share a hug...

Break bread together...

Buy ya a drink...


Work on your next income stream...

Whatever's clever, Trevor.

Thing is?

There's so much stuff you could do these days:

  • MLM
  • e-comm
  • Facebook ads
  • Affiliate marketing


So... my goal?

Is to prove... not only that we've got the best business model...

But that we're the realest...

The most fun...

And that... we'd do anything for ya...

Now Imagine This

Say you apply, get accepted.

Together, we build your first website.

Maybe it's for a window tint shop in Gary, Indiana.

And since there's very little competition in Gary, Indiana?

And the window tinters who are there know nothing about online marketing?

And we do?


Your website starts getting leads.



People in and around Gary... who want their windows tinted...

Are goin' to Google...

Doin' a search...

Landing on your site...

Entering in their info - for a free quote - let's say...

(Don't worry, we help you do all of this.)

Only, there's one small problem:

You're not a window tinter, are ya?


So whaddya do?

You email Willy Window Tinter in Gary.

Who, by the way, ain't showin' up anywhere in Google.

(I mean, you could hardly find the poor guy.)


You ask Willy if he wants these leads?

And he's all:

"Well, golly gee, why the hell not?"

(Cuz everyone in Gary talks like that.)

And you're all:

"Cool, the first 10 are on me."

"But after that?"

"If you want me to keep 'em comin'?"

"It'll be $350 a month."

"Dern tootin'!" says Willy.

"You got yourself a deal!"

And why not?

That $350 will make Willy thousands.


Total no-brainer.

So, next thing ya know?

Willy's PayPal-ing ya for month one.




PayPal's gonna auto-bill... ol' Willy... $350 every 30 days thereafter.

Assuming he stays happy.

And he should.

Cuz, locally...

(Meaning, at the city-level)...

Once your site's rankin'...

It just stays there.

Think about that:

All you did was... like... one day of "work."

Never even left the damn house.

(Prob'ly never even got outta your jammies.)

Didn't talk to a single customer either.

(Your website instantly routes each lead to Willy... without you lifting a finger.)


You didn't need to meet Willy face-to-face.

Or be gosh-darn Grant Cardone at sales.

Did ya?

Matter fact?

You could've done this via text, email, social media, phone call - anything.

Perfect if you're shy... introverted... or just hate talkin' to people.


No bugging friends and fam.

No spammin' social media.

No home parties.

No 3-way calls.

No downline.

No company tellin' ya what you can and can't do.

None of that garbage.

And it makes no difference where you live, either.

(You can do this for any business, in any city, in any country... even if you live thousands of miles away.)

Pretty cool, right?


Press pause.

Cuz... what I just described?

Awesome as it sounds?

Is still a WORST case scenario.

As in:

If poo hit the fan...

And this went real-real bad...

And you were lazy... and this was the only website you ever built...

And it underperformed...

And you could only squeeze a measly $350 a month out of it...

And even then?

If Willy sticks around for 18 months?

Take out a calculator for me...

What's $350 x 18?

(Bueller... Bueller... Bueller...)

That's right.

$6,300 smackers!

All from a few hours of effort.


Show me an MLM or affiliate offer... with that kind of payout.

That much leverage!

Doesn't exist.

Does it?


All you needed was a stinkin' laptop.

And with us in your corner, you felt unstoppable.

It gets better though.

Just think about the potential.


How many Willy's are out there?


You'd need to take every city in the world...

And times that by every type of business that exists...

And that's gonna equal millions upon millions of opportunities!

Nucking futs, isn't it?

And that's why... we can teach this to you... without it affecting us... one bit.

Make sense?


Now what IF:

You had more ambition than that?

And you made dozens of these websites?

Some, in bigger cities?

For bigger clients?

And got way more leads?

And, as a result, some of 'em paid you $800... $1,200... $2,700 per month?


That's what.


No more job.

Retire your spouse.

Provide for your kids.

Pay off debt.

Build a savings.

Get a new car.

House, even.


Give back.

Make the Joneses jealous of you.


I know what you're thinkin':

"Pipe dream."



Not for our students... it's not.

They call that?



But Maybe You're Wondering...

1) Who are you again?

A growing group of entrepreneurs who help small businesses get customers.

But unlike most programs you see today...

We do it with free traffic.

So you make more.

The leads are better.

(They wouldn't go do a Google search... if they weren't interested... right?)

Therefore, clients are happier.

They stick around longer.

And even if they leave... or it doesn't work out?

You still own the website.

It's still getting leads.

With one click, you can forward those leads to a different business.

See what I'm sayin'?

So these "virtual assets" should pay you... month after month... for years.

Not the case with friggin' Facebook ads.

And hey...

We dig Facebook ads.

It's prob'ly how you found us.


But it's our "side piece."

Can't put a ring on it.

Too risky.

Too competitive.

Too expensive.


When Facebook bans you, then what?

Whaddya have to show for it?


(Happens all the time... by the way.)


With ads?

There's no long-term play.


You can't rent the results of your Facebook ads for five years...

Then sell the ad for a meaty payout...

Can you?

But... with our easy-to-build websites... you can!

Bottom line:

This is safer, smarter, more secure than Facebook ads.

Or any ads really:

Google, YouTube, Instagram.

Whatever the flavor of the month is.

So... if I were you?

I'd only use paid ads... to scale... once you're already livin' large... off free traffic.

That's what we do.

2) Why wouldn't they do it themselves... if it's so easy?

Well, some do.

(They buy our training, LOL!)

(And so should you, if you have your own brick 'n' mortar and you're up for the challenge.)

But most?

Simply have too much going on.

Sure, it's easy when it's the only thing on your plate.

But small biz owners have like eleventy million fires to put out each day.

And most of 'em know nothing about online marketing.

And don't care to learn.

They'd rather pay us a sliver to deliver.



3) What if they already have a website?

Most do.

But so what?

If it's just collecting digital dust?


All they care about is customers.

And that's what we give 'em.


By showing up - first - everywhere their best buyers are lookin'.

Then giving 'em a reason to email or call or stop in...


And making it easy for 'em to do so.

4) How much will one of these websites make me?

Right around $750 per month.

Sometimes more, sometimes less.

And yeah.

Nothing to pound your chest about.

But if you can put one up in an afternoon...


Why stop at one?

Why not keep going?

Why not make dozens?

5) If it's so good... why not keep this to yourself?


There's millions of niches.

We'd need an army and several lifetimes to serve 'em all.

And that's not gonna happen.

So if we can make extra money... mentoring you... I mean... why not?

Ain't gonna affect us... one bit.

6) Say I buy - what all do I get?


(It was Halloween.  Relax.)

But yeah.

The ability to say:

"Sweetie, we made it."


A life you love.

A business you're proud of.

A legacy... you can leave behind.

A middle finger to everyone who ever doubted you.

Thousands of ride-or-die homies.

But... more specifically?

Here's what you'll get your hot little hands on... assuming you get accepted:

30+ Hours Of Video Training

  • Step-by-step
  • Granny-proof
  • High-definition
  • Entertaining
  • You'll love learning

30+ Hours Of Audio Training

  • Each video in MP3 format
  • Easy, on-the-go listening
  • Great for cardio sessions
  • Clear, crisp... enjoyable

Custom Call Software

  • Get a local number in almost any city
  • Track every email and call you generate
  • Automatically forward 'em to any biz owner
  • Makes the entire process hands-free
  • Allows you to charge per lead... if you want to
  • Keeps you organized
  • Grow with confidence

Automated Prospecting System

  • Give results in advance
  • Takes the pressure off selling
  • Think: lil' old lady handing out samples at Costco
  • Close more deals... faster, easier

Instant Monetization Guide

  • Ready-to-deploy strategies
  • Repeat-after-me scripts
  • Copy-and-paste swipes
  • You + this = money mastery

Lead Value And Rate Calculator

  • Cherry-pick profitable niches
  • Take the guesswork outta charging clients
  • Know exactly what you're worth
  • Never get lowballed by tightwads

Pay-Per-Call Income Goal Calculator

  • Addicting AF
  • Plug in numbers, see what it's gonna take
  • Make success a mathematical certainty
  • Scale to desired level of monthly income

Twice Weekly Live Training Calls

  • Ask questions, get answers
  • Listen to interviews with top earners
  • Discover advanced techniques
  • Stay on the cutting-edge
  • BYOB (sorry, not sorry)
  • Make fun of my hair

500+ Hours Of Previously-Recorded Calls

  • No FOMO... if you can't attend live
  • Binge-watch/listen to the archives
  • It's like Netflix for entrepreneurs
  • Hammer home critical concepts
  • Eat, sleep and breathe this biz
  • Truly become an expert

Time Management Training

  • Stop peeing precious minutes down your leg
  • Graduate with a PhD in GED (Get 'Er Done)
  • Find the "big levers"
  • Speed up success

Proof Plugin

  • Pop-up shows leads in real-time
  • This makes other people... on your site... more likely to take action
  • Meaning: more leads
  • Meaning: more moola

24/7 Access To Private Facebook Group

  • Never feel like you're alone on an island
  • This thing is poppin'... all day... urrday
  • Thousands of students have your back
  • Get advice... when you're unsure
  • A kick in the butt... when you need it most
  • A good laugh... when you're feelin' down
  • Examples... you can model
  • Case studies... for inspiration
  • Recognition... when you win
  • My live streams... to keep you amused
  • Basically: if you're Popeye, this is your spinach

Invitations To Regional And Yearly Events

  • Handshakes, hugs
  • Energy, excitement
  • Business breakthroughs
  • Recharge the ol' batteries
  • Forge friendships, partnerships
  • Make memories that last a lifetime
  • Plus, it's a business write-off (duh)

Unlimited Tech Support

  • Put down the tech
  • Pick up the check
  • We got you, Boo

Free Lifetime Updates

  • Pay us once
  • Profit forever
  • This is the last program you'll ever buy

Complete Outsourcing Department

  • Done-for-you whatever-you-want
  • Perfect... if you're low on time
  • Or flat-out don't wanna do something
  • Or you're in a hurry to hit your next goal

Think that about covers it.

7) How much does this cost?
Well, it ain't cheap.

Tell you that much.

But we can break it up over a few months... if you need us to.

Meaning, we can pretty much work with any budget.

Just not no budget.)


And ya gotta remember:

Just ONE successful website will pay your tuition, and then some.

So the real question is:

Will you do the work?

If so, it won't "cost" you anything.

Rather, it's an investment.

One that makes you mostly-passive income.

That you can stack... as high as you want.

Allowing you to:

Quit your job.

Retire your spouse.

Take care of your family.

Enjoy your days.

Answer to nobody.

Pay off debt.



And love life!

8) What about actual biz expenses... once I'm in?

All you really need is:

Domains, hosting, tracking numbers.

Maybe $35 per month per project.

Which is peanuts... compared to what it'll make ya.

Again, massive advantage over running paid ads for local clients.

9) Will it really work for me?

It has for thousands before you.

You gotta do the work, of course.

But yeah.

Male, female.

Young, old.

Doctor, dropout.

Introvert, extrovert.

Experienced, newbie.

Doesn't matter.

The process is proven.

The competition is low.

The gettin' is good.

And success doesn't discriminate.

So as long as you follow-through, results will come.

10) What if I'm not technical?

You can learn.

And we have full-time tech support... on standby.

And, just so you know?

My 12 year-old daughter does this.

We've got lots of retirees doin' it too.

No reason you can't.

11) What if I don't have much time to devote to this?

It doesn't take a ton.

Maybe an hour or two a day.


You could partner up with another person inside.


Use our done-for-you solutions.

Your call.

But being busy's prob'ly more of a reason to join... than not.

12) What if I hate selling?

Join the club.

Who doesn't?

We'll teach you how to make clients come to you.


Use our "free samples" method (my personal favorite).


Partner with someone inside... who can sell like hell.


Try our done-for-you solution.

Noticing a trend here?

13) I dunno... I'm still on the fence.

Well get off.

Thilly Gooth.

I bet that hurts.

Maybe these'll help sway your decision...
Hotter 'n' A Honeymoon Hotel
Apply Today!
But ONLY if:

  • You read every word.
  • You watched every video.
  • You've got at least some money.
  • You don't expect to "get rich quick."
  • And, of course, you'll answer our call.

If that's you... hey... do your thing:
"Pinky Promise: I'm A Perfect Candidate!"
PS, remember, nobody's gonna out-fun us:
How cute is that kid?

I wanna cook him medium-well...

Throw him on a bun...

Top him off with American cheese, crispy bacon, and a fried egg...

And eat him... when I’m hungover!

Anyways, what's it gonna be?
"Screw It... You Only Live Once... Let's Do This!"